“It worked out exceptionally well and Jon did a great job.”

So organiser cultural colutions called Jon Grubb to step into the breach and conduct on-stage interviews with an author and a composer. The events attracted an audience of around 200 people and the opening day proved to be a huge success.

Jon also hosted a breakfast event, What the Papers Say, as part of the Festival held in Louth.

“We were a bit worried, “ said cultural solutions owner David Lambert. “But we have worked with Jon in the past and we knew we could rely on him.”

Jon has appeared at the Wolds Words Festival for the last two years and is currently the chairman of the Lincoln Book Festival.

“I’m a great supporter of Wolds Words and the work of cultural solutions so I was delighted to help out.

“It meant cramming in the pre-event research but I it seemed to go very well.”

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